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For the balcony: cushions and balcony protection

  • Per pillow:
  • 42 x 42 cm velvet fabric in the desired color (eg

      from IKEA; about 8 Euro / m)
    • 160 cm satin ribbon in the desired color (department store)
    • For the privacy:
    • Cotton fabric in the appropriate size (eg from IKEA, about 5 Euro / m)
    • per 40 cm width of fabric 160 cm satin ribbon in the desired color
    • Sewing machine and matching sewing thread
    • sewing needle
    • pins
    • fabric scissors
    • tape measure

    For the pillows:

    1. Cut two velvet squares of 42 x 42 cm for each pillow.

    2. Fold pieces of fabric right to right and sew together, except for an opening approximately 20 cm long.

    3. Turn the pillow, insert the cushion inlay and sew open seam piece by hand.

    4. If necessary, sew satin ribbon in contrasting colors by hand on two corners of the pillow.

    For the privacy screen:

    1. Measure the balcony railing or patio fence.

    2. Cut fabric in appropriate size plus 2 cm seam allowance on each side.

    3. Turn over all edges twice 1 cm to the left side and iron, pinning. Stitch edges.

    4. Sew on the long edge every 40 cm two 80 cm long strips of satin ribbon.

    5. Tie the privacy screen to the railing with loops.