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Alexander Skarsgard completely naked in "True Blood"

Season finale of "True Blood": Alexander Skarsgard naked

The end of season six of "True Blood" is getting hot - too hot for Alexander Skarsgard's best piece to go up in flames. But above all, you never saw the serial vampire so naked!

Alexander Skarsgard naked in the True Blood season finale
Photo: HBO

"True Blood" actor and sexy Swede Alexander Skarsgard has already made a name for himself in the past with pleasure to drop the covers. The producers of the hit series took advantage of this penchant for the scandalous end of the sixth season to advantage. There they showed him frontal naked and in all his masculinity.

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Is this the final end of vampire Eric Northman? The fans of the series could now discuss this wildly, but since the last episode of "True Blood" on August 19, 2013 in the US, the talk of the day has only been one thing: the penis of his actor Alexander Skarsgard, who was to be admired in full size.

"True Blood" finale: Alexander Skarsgard sits naked in the snow

The scene: Alexander Skarsgard sits reading on a sunbed in the snow. According to his private aversion to wearing clothes, he is completely naked.

Suddenly he goes up in flames - but is that his actual death? "Cliffhanger" is said in English, if you leave the audience in the dark. Who cares about what's so obvious in the camera?

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