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Al Bano: "I receive characters from the hereafter

Al Bano
Photo: Aristidis Vafeiadakis / ZUMA Press / Corbis

What's wrong with him?

What happened to the singer? As he reveals in an interview with an Italian magazine, he is firmly convinced: "I receive characters from the hereafter!" Pretty scary! Al Bano actually believes that he can contact the dead. "When you are attentive and silent at night, it seems that you can hear their voices, " explains Al Bano . And by no means enough of the eerie allusions: "It's like having special antennas that give me the opportunity to receive mysterious energies." Do we have to worry about the 68-year-old? It seems he has lost touch with reality. He reassures and declares that all this is connected with his education in the southern Italian province. The adults around him had told him "of ghosts and dead who came from graves and signs of the devil." It is understandable that such experiences shape a child.

But Al Bano's superstition goes even further. As well as that his suits choose him and not the other way around. And that phone numbers tell him something about the character of their owner. Is this all completely normal ...?

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