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Wool autumn ideas Manual: How to knit a fashionable tube scarf

When it gets cold outside we like to cuddle up in a thick scarf. If that's as fashionable and beautiful as this self-knit tube scarf, it's all the fun, of course. If you want to try it yourself, just download the manual.

Photo: Deco & Style

That's what you need:

  • Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine 170
    200 g in plum Fb 00146 From Milward
  • 1 round knitting needle No. 3, 80 cm long

That's how it works:

25 stitches and 53 rounds in ajour pattern = 10 x 10 cm.

Kraus right in Rd:
knit 1 round to the right, 1 round to the left.

After knitting, knit in Rd.
The pattern Rd from right to left
in the unsigned interim
Knit the sts as they appear, knit the sts on the right. The 22 M of rapport
always repeat.
Repeat 1st to 32nd rounds.

Cast on 308 sts with the circular needle, close to the round and mark the Rd transition. Work 4 rounds on the right, starting with 1 round on the left. Then knit 1 round on the right. Then continue knitting in the ajour pattern, working the repeat in width for around 14x and knitting at the top the 1st to 32nd round 3x. After 19 cm total height, knit 3 rounds kraus on the right, starting with 1 round on the left, then cast off all sts loosely. Sew on threads.

Stretch the loop, moisten and allow to dry.

M = mesh (s) R = row (s)

Click here to download the manual .

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