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Losing weight in the jobThe job diet: losing weight despite lack of time

Until now, the overweight lurked between canteen, desk and deadline pressure - but now the Figurfalle profession loses its terror. We present you five clever meals and six simple strategies that are based on your everyday life. The goal: six kilos away in four weeks.

Blame is the small difference: Just 300 calories are according to recent studies responsible for obesity - and everyday work. Because only 300 calories (about 2 small cups fruit yoghurt) eat people with weight problems every day more than normal weight. And where does this constant extraation come from?

"Time is usually the problem, " explains Austrian food coach Reinhard-Karl √úblacker. "We sit in the office during the day, have lunch for half an hour, fill them with calorie bombs in the cafeteria, then let our colleagues seduce us into chocolate or cake and annoyingly eat a pizza from the delivery service after work the weight is rocking more and more. "

And it is exactly these mechanisms that the SHAPE job diet starts with: It combines fast preparation with healthy enjoyment and easy handling. Just choose daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks from our suggestions - 1, 400 quick calories to help you save six kilos in four weeks.

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Clever tips for canteen and eatery ensure that the job diet can be integrated into every day job. And because time and calories are not everything, six simple strategies help you avoid temptation. Just give it a try!

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