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10 reasons why we love Wolfgang Joop

Wolfgang Joop is the star of the ninth season GNTM
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He is the winner of the hearts of "Germany's Next Top Model"

GNTM was either not turned on at all or just out of old habit. Heidi Klums always the same sayings, the weird no-name jurors at her side and at the thought of a Klumsches "Dear Meeeeeedchen" are the hackles on us. But since Season 9, something has changed - Wolfgang Joop (69) sits on the jury and is already the winner of the heart of "Germany's Next Top Model". We reveal why the designer has conquered our hearts.

1. He REALLY cares about the girls

Wolfgang Joop is not only the absolute darling of the audience, but also of the candidates. He takes on the role of the soul-comforter, to whom one confides his problems.

2. He has the best sayings

Some examples? "The boobs are in competition with their heads.", "I always say: fashion must not stick, fashion must fall!" or "You're such a sex roast." to jury colleague Thomas Hayo. Gorgeous!

3. He brings international fashion flair to the show

Wolfgang Joop has it! The designer demonstrated his talent with spontaneously self-portraits. And his fashionable designs are legendary!

4. He shows real feelings

If a girl flies out, he has to cry! In front of his protégés, the 69-year-old does not let the strict juror hang out. Wolfgang Joop has the heart in the right place - and shows that too!

5. He knows no fear of contact!

For the "GNTM" candidates, Wolfgang Joop is not only a juror, but also Kummerkasten. The 69-year-old listens to the problems of the girls and stands by their side with words and deeds.

6. He is successful - but not lifted

No matter where Wolfgang Joop appears - the super-likeable fashion designer is celebrated by fans and photographers.

7. Its popularity is also reflected in the quota

On average, 2.57 million viewers turn up to see Joop howling, cheering and cheering. A complete success, after all, the format had recently struggled with fan-fading.

8. He kicks Heidi Klum off the TV throne

Wolfgang Joop's popularity goes down to Heidi's costs! "Give Joop his own show!", Demands "". And a great online service makes it clear: "He's the better Heidi Klum."

9. He has the best contacts

VIPs such as star designer Vivienne Westwood are among Wolfgang Joop's close circle of friends.

10. He brings the girls out big

Candidates Ivana and Samantha were allowed to cross the catwalk at the Paris Fashion Week for Joop's label "Wunderkind".

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