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Cowhide and red-and-white checks spread cheerful hut magic

Retreat retreat

Quite private: side by side with a view into green trees to answer mails or cuddled on the couch to watch a movie - that is married togetherness. A retreat in the fresh alpine look is a pleasure - even for friends, who stay overnight.

A grandiose view and a pinch of Bavarian romance lure you up to the attic studio. You feel like being outdoors, because the glazed gable lets in so much daylight. Cowhide and red-and-white checks spread serene huts. Masonry and wood also contribute to this. Alone or as a couple, relax on the cloud-colored multifunctional sofa or in a rocking chair with sheepskin, or browse peacefully.

quick-change artist

A sofa that can stretch and stretch: the seats swivel forward, and the adjustable backrests fold backwards for the night. In a jiffy, this creates a comfortable double bed.

Always practical

The oak-veneered, 70 cm deep plate extends from wall to wall and is located on shelves and consoles. With no table legs in the way, the bench can be slid under it with seat cushions underneath.

Manufacturer: Sofa bed "Scene", approx. 4070 W: The Collection. Rocking chair "J 16ª, from about 1080 Euro: Fredericia. No.10 ", approx. 3300 Euro, roll container" Now! 290 Euro: Hülsta Bank "Domian", about 300 Euro: Yellow Floor Lamp "Tria", about 870 Euro: Schönecker Table Lamp "Teresa", about 810 Euro: Metalarte. Kappa Ceck ": Nya Nordiska pleated, 130 x 72 cm, about 140 euros, special form about 265 euros: MHZ wall panels" Old Brick white ", 130 x 285 cm, about 70 euros: Total Stone, solid wood flooring" La 115 euros / sqm: Parador LCD TV "Modus L 37": Loewe, "Brattby Ensta" cow skin rug, "Ludde" lambskin, "Inbjudan" coffee pot, "Branås" baskets, "Agnaryd" picture frame "Ribba": Ikea "Armure" cushions, red, "Anais" glass vase, "Pila" cup: Habitat, "Mogador" mohair blanket, virgin wool wicker cushions, fruit bowl: green earth Felted pillows with hearts: the laundry Checked pillows: the Wohngeschwister.

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