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Wool Ideas: The bella Knit Extra

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  1. Knit
  2. Treasure trove Internet
  3. Handicraft books
  4. Uncooked wool
  5. New yarns
  6. Knitted cafes in Germany


No matter if you are a beginner or a handicraft professional: Here you will find 25 useful news and tips about knitting.

HERE in the picture gallery you can download selected knitting and crochet patterns from us for you! >>

Treasure trove Internet

Here you will find trend fashion for knitting or crocheting including instructions for download.

The Berlin television editor Jessica loves knitting and crochet and shows beautiful things to imitate (eg crocheted picture frames or knit loops) on her blog.

If you like cute crocheted animals, you can also buy the blogger's instructions in your DaWanda shop.

Anyone who does not want to knit by themselves can buy handmade parts from knitting omis in the online store. This also supports a social project.

The blogger Tina shows her knitted treasures and reveals the instructions on request. If you live in the Stuttgart area, you can also book a knitting course for children or adults.

Are there actually knitting men? Yes, and Lutz also writes about his projects in a blog. Of course, women can also be inspired by the pages.

Handicraft books

1. For beginners

Based on many pictures knit designer Pam Allen explains all the basics. "Knitting for Dummies", about 17 €

2nd knit design

Those who love something special will love the ideas of knitwear designer Emma Robertson. "Fashion knit", about 20 €, Edition Fischer

3. Nordic patterns

25 caps, gloves, socks and knee socks with a detailed color scheme and counting pattern. "Nordic mesh dreams", about 17 €, Topp Verlag

4. Quite fix

Draft air sausage, vase dress or a bag? The 35 ideas are ready in a short time. "Big mesh", about 19 €, Dorling Kindersley

5. For kids

Nice for children. "Monster monsters for mini monsters", about 10 €, Bassermann

Uncooked wool


The super-soft yarn is extracted from the undercoat of cashmere goats and combed out by hand - that's why it's so expensive.


Alpacas are South American small camels. The yarn is five times warmer than sheep's wool.


Comes from the mohair goats. "Kid Mohair" is the extra fine hair of baby goats.


The wool comes from Merino sheep mainly from Australia and South Africa. It is fine, elastic and soft. The yarn is good for baby clothes.


Did you know that the fluffy material came from the Angora rabbit? The wool should have a healing effect on muscles and joints.

New yarns

1st line game

When knitting creates a great stripe look.

85% baby alpaca, 15% pure new wool, approx. 7 €, "Caleido" from Austermann via

2. Fellops

Knitted fur. Approximately 7 €, "Furiosa",

3. Effectively

Extravagant structure tone on tone.

100% polyester, 1 €, "lantern",

4th color gradient

Batik-dyed ribbon yarn.

100% viscose, about 8 €, "Florida" by Lana Grossa on

5. Lights in the dark

Perfect for hats and scarves. Approximately 13 €, "Lumio",

Knitted cafes in Germany


Mylys is a wool shop with a great deal and affiliated cafe. Here you will be competently advised, and there is an open knitting club every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.


The cozy wool shop with a knit cafe is located in Wilmersdorf. There are courses here, and you can have a chat over a cup of coffee with others.

At Stuttgart

In Fellbach there is the Wollcafé, every Thursday from 16 o'clock the open "Sträkeltreff". In summer you can also knit outside.


Knitting in a round is much more fun - and you can help each other with knitting problems. Information on


The "meet to knit" is a weekly, open knitting club in Frankfurt / Main. Information for the meetings can be found at: