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What does Rihanna spend over $ 22,000 a week?

Eitle Rihanna pays a fortune for her hair

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Rihanna / ©

Of course, having a perfect look for stars is part of the business, but how much can they spend on their look before they are considered wasteful? Rihanna will not be able to resist the criticism anymore, as we were just able to find out what her beauty is worth every week. That the sexy R & B diva has difficulties staying with a hairstyle has caught our attention lately, but actually she pays the equivalent of a middle-class car every week for her different styling and great fit of her mane. Around $ 22, 400 of her fee goes to her hairdressing salon every seven days. Star stylist Ursula Stephen makes sure that Rihanna sets trends with her head and demands a daily salary of over $ 3, 000 to hand-grip a rifle to stand whenever the good once again grabs the metamorphosis. In fact, Ursula has to be close to her, a source said, so that the "Loud" singer always keeps her reputation as a pioneer in hairstyling. Great claim, but if you could do with the amount of money not something more reasonable?

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