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Hot sauna

New video from Britney Spears

Erotic and in top form she lolls in the sauna, the damp steam makes her skin shimmer sexy. As the dominant secretary she lets bastards dance to their tune, as a fiery waitress she serves treats.

When the latest single "Womanizer" by Britney Spears is published, is not yet known, rumors that the singer wants to present him in December. The video is already a hit - hopefully the song will be one too!

Britney naked in the sauna - watch the womanizer video here!

But not always the singer looked as sexy as now. Innocent school girl, All-American girl, wife and mother in love - Britney has undergone a transformation in recent years like no other star.

See Britney's most beautiful pictures in the gallery (22 pictures)!

[Gallery: /bildergalerie/b-10328/hei-er-saunagang.html]

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