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30 minutes

  • 500 g wax pastilles in white (craft shop)
  • 2 pots for a water bath
  • Small cake dishes (eg
      from the trading house Laegel; about 2 Euro / piece)
    • Candle wicks (craft shop)
    • Shish kebab skewers for fixing the wicks
    • Adhesive strips (eg from Tesa)
    • scissors

    1. Heat wax pastilles over a water bath and melt.

    2. Pour melted wax into the molds.

    3. Cut the wick to the correct length and place it in the center of the molds.

    4. Possibly To fix the wicks glue together two shashlik skewers with adhesive tape

    and sandwich the wick. So he can not slip back into the still liquid wax.

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