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Wine party decoration for the perfect dinner

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  1. High the glasses
  2. Wine party decoration: exquisite pleasure
  3. Wine party decoration: For the guests
  4. Wine party decoration: perfect dinner

High the glasses

Sweet grapes and delicious wine: these deco ideas transform your home into a first-class wine tavern.

Let yourself be inspired by our creative wine party decoration ...

Wine party decoration: exquisite pleasure

Welcome to the wine tasting!

Here you would like to take a seat: Between rustic dishes and small treats purple hydrangeas, vine leaves and grape napkins decorate the table - tone on tone.

Wine party decoration : Elegant arrangement

This arrangement is an absolute eye-catcher!

To do this, water the stick (florist), place on a shelf, and add wine glasses.

Now put the grapes, ornamental vines, foxtail, hydrangea and Japanese rose close together and put candles in the jars.

Wine party decoration: For the guests

Your loved one will be pleased about this invitation: print out a vine leaf (Internet), stick it on a card.

Cut a glass of tracing paper and red paper and cut out the "wine" and stick on both.

Wine party decoration: perfect dinner

Feast à la carte: For the menu card form a roll of corrugated cardboard and fix it with adhesive tape.

Stick on some checked paper (craft shop), insert the menu and tie a trailer.

Wine Festival - Deco : Fruity drip protection

For the grape coasters, roll up colorful cords (craft shop) into circles, fix with pins.

Coat backside with textile glue, allow to dry, remove needles. Stick together cord circles in grape shape with textile glue, glue loop on top.

Wine party deco : fine coat

This is how wine bottles in the individual design with 3 D effect shine:

Cut red and green felt, place it around the bottle and fix the edges with textile glue on the back. Green mini-pompons (craft shop) also with textile adhesive (eg UHU) stick in grape shape on the cuff.

For the coaster, draw one grape each on red and green felt, cut it out and glue it together ready!

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