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Miley Cyrus can be photographed without a bra

Did Miley Cyrus forget her bra?


Miley Cyrus / Twitpic

Miley Cyrus apparently never learns that she has to pay attention to how she presents herself to the public. Ever since she filed her innocent "Hanna Montana" image, many are upset that the 18-year-old is constantly dressed in ordinary outfits and has since given a bad role model for the youth. Unfortunately, Miles keeps coming back a faux pas. She has just posted a photo on her new Twitter page, which shows her in a white T-shirt. Unfortunately, she does not wear a bra underneath and of course the online world is immediately upside down again. She is an exhibitionist, writes the website Cyrus tweets again and there is again angerAutsch! So, as an exhibitionist, we would not call her, but she should really put more emphasis on the fact that embarrassing nipple photos of her do not appear on the internet. Maybe MC should just follow her instinct and keep her hands off Twitter. RP

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