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Why the Céline Nano triggers a new bag hype

Here shining it-piece to boho style, just as happy but serious companion at the business lunch: the Nano Bag by Céline.
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The little ones are coming!

Small, but oh! Small size bags are currently the special effect for every style. First and foremost: the Céline Nano Luggage Tote. Why this bag now dangles on many wrists of the street-style stars.

We now take bags lightly and concentrate on the essentials again. Because the times when we have transported half our household in huge shoppers are over.

The in-bags of the season are small, have a cute boxy shape and like to adorn themselves with a color mix and playful details. In short: the Céline Nano . Your measurements: 30 x 30 x 17 cm. Original price: Current models of the H / W collection are available for a mere 2800 Euro. But there are also pretty look-alikes ...

The best: There are matching models to all trends ! If you dare to listen to mini-bags à la Céline Nano for a loud color, then the little gem will be a real eye-catcher. Natural tones are a perfect match for gaudy or patterned looks. And another tip for all those who often have to lug around more stuff: Just hang a second bag around - the mixed double is now trendy!

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