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Viral customer complains about crooked bunny - the answer is dazzling!

A customer complains about a crooked slit he has bought. The answer of the company is awesome.

A crooked slice does not taste any different than a straight cut
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"Seriously, where do your delicatessen employees learn to cut the bread?" a customer outraged the supermarket chain Billa (Rewe-Group), who sold him the following bread roll:


Can this posting about starving children get more likes than those obliquely cut ...

Posted by Klaus Schwertner on Sunday, July 9, 2017

The company insisted on countering with a creative response - which also meets the zeitgeist.

"All Wurstemmeln are beautiful!"

Billa posted the following answer GIF on his Facebook page:

The commentary by Billa - with a specially invented slogan:

" All Wurstsemmeln are beautiful! <3 Because it's all on the lips, is for the first 5, 000 Likes from this posting each € 1 to" families in need "of Caritas Austria!"

All Wurstsemmeln are so nice - whether oblique, thin down, thick above, with looking out cucumber slices or without!

The mini-video has been called about 200, 000 times. The comments of users: "Super reaction! Respect!" and "Very good action!" and "Very brilliant, sovereign solved!"

The Billa customer Shelly W. even wrote in detail:

"Dear Caritas, dear Billa!

I do not know how I should begin! I was / was such a complainer! I hereby order the greatest improvement!

Since the lower half of the roll I prefer because it is MOST thinner, but recently is totally crooked and thick, I will NEVER AGAIN AGAIN because of your brilliant idea !!!!

My husband and I always swap the thick top half with the thinner bottom half. So I have two thin lower halves. My husband does not care how he eats them. I'll think about you the next time you buy.

Lg. A repentant customer "