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Video: Party - Grandpa throws away Krcken and dancing!

Photo: Screenshot / EpicBulbTV Vira

The beat in the blood

The video shows the new party-grandpa! On the dance floor, he just throws away his crutches - and dances with the guests to the bet!

This video proves that nothing is impossible if you only believe in it. This old man has the fun of his life!

Usually he may seem unsteady and shaky, but when it comes to music, his age is forgotten. At a party, the party-grandpa dances on happily - and does not stop! At first he tries his luck on crutches, but after a short time he decides that the sticks on the dance floor only disturb. The consequence: get away with it! The crutches throw the grandfather to his wife.

He enjoys the music and obviously has fun. One wonders why he actually needs the crutches in everyday life when watching the dance number. The movements are becoming more and more fluent - the gentleman even seems to be really fit. That's what joie de vivre looks like! This party-grandfather dances back into his youth and lets us smile as well.