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Video Pantene: Women apologize too often

Dear women, say less 'Sorry'!
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'Dear women, stop apologizing to you'

Women apologize constantly and everywhere. In this video, Pantene demands: 'Dear women, stop apologizing to you. Be confident. And shine! '

When was the last time you apologized for something? Do not you know? Think twice. Maybe this morning they say 'Sorry' because the baker has spoken too softly. Or a 'sorry' last night when someone strangled you and asked for a cigarette.

Why did you apologize? And not the baker. Or the foreign cigarette beggar? Women increasingly say 'apologies' in situations where they do not have to.

This Pantene video demands: Dear women, stop apologizing for things that need no apology!

The basic idea of ​​an apology is different. Especially in the important situations of life, it is difficult to get over the lips. These are situations in which you have done something wrong and must stand straight for your mistake.

Women apologize more often than men

Pantene impressively shows what happens when you do without a ' sorry ' or 'sorry'. Nothing - at least not bad. On the contrary! Those who do not constantly initiate their sentences with a 'sorry I am' are confident and proud. By no means cocky or conceited.

Be confident. And shine!