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Vases covered with paper

  • RICO home decoration Issue No. 46 (ISBN: 978-935763-06-8; 5.95 euros; craft shop or bookstore)
  • 3 sheets double-sided scrapbook paper in mint, gray and lilac (z.

      By RICO Design; Sheet about 1 Euro; Craft store)
    • 3 straight glass vases in different sizes (eg from the depot)
    • Cutter and cutting mat
    • Steel ruler for cutting
    • Punching tool and hammer (craft shop)
    • Transparent paper roll (craft shop, about 4 euros)
    • Double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa, department store)
    • Some tulips, milk stars and pussy willow or alternatively some stalks of Bouvardia
    • scissors

    1. Make butterfly templates from the home decoration booklet 214% larger in the copy shop.

    2. Place scrapbooking papers around the glass vases, cut to the appropriate size.

    3. For the mint-colored bow, carefully trim some of the flowers' contours with the cutter, always working on a cutting mat. Use a punching tool for the holes.

    4. Trace two or three butterflies on the back of the lilac bow.

    5. Cut out the contours of the butterflies with the cutter, let the middle part stand. Use a punching tool for the holes.

    6. Additionally cut out a lilac butterfly completely.

    7. Free hand on the gray and the lilac bow cut blades of grass, leaving at the lower edge of an approximately 2 mm edge.

    8. Put transparent paper around the vases and cut to size. Fix transparent paper with double-sided adhesive tape.

    9. Also glue colored sheets around the vases with double-sided tape.

    10. Glue the lilac butterfly onto the gray vase.

    11. Put some tulips, milk stars and pussy willow or bouvardia in the vases filled with water.