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Prince Harry & Cressida: Tears over wedding proposal?

Prince Harry is ready to start a family - Cressida bonus not yet ...
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She is not ready yet

It should be the most beautiful moment in a woman's moment: the moment her lover stops for her hand, ready to give her the marriage vows. But what if only one of the partners is willing to settle down?

This dilemma seems to be faced by Prince Harry (28) and Cressida Bonas (24). Because as the "Telegraph" learned, there should have already been talks between the two about a possible wedding.

Cressida is said to be hard on Harry's obvious marriage plans . "Cressida was overflowing with tears, " one of her friends is quoted as saying. "She thinks she's far too young to get married and is frightened by all the talk about wedding and settling down."

Prince Harry, on the other hand, is already one step ahead. He has grown up, will be next year 30. As a helicopter pilot, he even made experiences in the Afghanistan war. These are experiences that shape a person and make him realize how great the value of family really is.

They may be a few years apart, but maybe they are crucial years. While Cressida is probably gaining experience and does not want to tie himself down, Harry seems to be safe. He has already gone through many crises, has learned a lot.

And with his brother William (30) and his sister-in-law Kate (31), who is expecting her first child, he has the perfect role model. That's true luck. That's what Harry wants.

Will he be able to wait for Cressida until she too wants to live this dream? Even his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy (27) escaped responsibility. Could Harry Cressida now be afraid of it? Even for a wedding application, there is a right time - and that does not seem to have come ...