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Incredible Video: Mother Love Brings Back Dead Baby

With her maternal love, Kate Ogg brought her son Jamie back to life.
Photo: / howlifebegan

Every week we discover touching stories and exciting videos on the World Wide Web. Today, this incredible story has touched us a lot: a mother brings her dead baby back to life through her embrace. Unimaginable, but true! Look at it, this video is proof that mother love is sometimes even stronger than death.

It is so incredible: When Kate Ogg gave birth to her twins in a hospital in Sydney, the doctors declared one of the babies dead. Kate Ogg was just in the sixth month when labor began. The difficult birth seemed to have been too much for one of the premature babies . The girl, Emily, was alive - but her brother Jamie was not strong enough.

Kate put the dead baby on her breast. Actually, she wanted to say goodbye. But then the unbelievable happens! Suddenly the little boy starts to move! "At first he just twitched and the doctors said they were just reflexes, we should not have any hopes, " says Kate. "Even when he opened his eyes we still could not believe it and just thought, what a blessing, that we can still see his eyes before he leaves us!"

But Jamie did not leave. With each passing minute he became stronger. Two hours after he was put into his mother's arms, he returned to life completely. He sucked on his parents' fingers, breathing and blinking his eyes.

To date, doctors can not explain this story. You speak of a miracle .

A midwife filmed those incredibly touching moments so we can see them today. And we are very grateful for that, because these images encourage us and encourage us to never give up too fast and always fight for what we care about most.

The touching video with the happy parents:

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