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Choosing Thomas: A short children's life full of love

Photo: YouTube / The Dallas Morning News

Parents decide for their terminally ill baby

Months before his birth, Thomas Laux's parents knew that their son would only live a few days. The reason: the disease trisomy 13.

Deidra Laux is currently 20 weeks pregnant when she and her husband TK learn that their son Thomas is suffering from a rare genetic disease. Trisomy 13, also known as P├Ątau syndrome, is caused by a genetic mutation that results in affected children surviving only a few hours or days. This only if they do not die before they are born.

The couple Laux would have had the opportunity to cancel the pregnancy at this time. But Deidra and her husband decided to get their son Thomas. He should live and experience as much love as possible.

Knowing that her son would not have much time left in this world, the couple spent the last few weeks of pregnancy differently than they normally do. They did not set up a nursery where their son Thomas would never sleep. There was no baby shower. Deidra and her husband, on the other hand, selected a small coffin for their unborn child.

When Thomas is finally born, his parents do not know if they will spend only a few hours or at least a few days with their son. Every minute counts for her. After two days in the hospital, Deidra and TK are allowed to take their son home to where Thomas is allowed to spend the last hours or days of his life with them. In order to spare their son pain, the parents are supplied with both drugs and oxygen.

After five days in this world, Thomas eventually falls asleep forever in the presence of his parents. The pain of the parents is limitless. Nevertheless, Deidra and TK are convinced that they have done the right thing. In the video, Thomas Mutter says: "I can not imagine what it would have been like if I had not had the opportunity to go through it, get to know him and love him."

The couple decided to record Thomas's story from the beginning. Using the video that is also shown here on the page, Deidra and TK would like to help other couples who are or were in a similar situation. In collaboration with photographer Sonya Hebert of Dallas Morning News, the award-winning film was created with the moving title 'Choosing Thomas'.

Sonya Hebert accompanied the family all the way. Thomas's parents asked her to record her son's story in all its facets and with all its ups and downs.

Deidra and TK Laux are now parents of a small daughter: Isabella. The girl is completely healthy. Unfortunately, she will never know her brother Thomas, but he will never be forgotten.