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Unbelievable: couple gets 4 twins in 5 years

Photo: youtube / PORSE In-Home Childcare

Ninefold baby luck

4 pairs of twins in 5 years, 9 children in 7 years - Lomma and Emma Unila from New Zealand are looking forward to their ninefold baby happiness this year.

The likelihood of a couple getting twins is low. The likelihood that a couple will get twins four times in a row, even less. And that a couple without genetic predisposition gets four pairs of twins, almost impossible - so the statistics.

Lomma and Emma Unila from New Zealand prove the opposite. The young woman has already given birth to three pairs of twins, a fourth is on the way.

It's like a miracle! Four twins in five years - Lomma and Emma Unila are overwhelmed. Every new twin couple - a surprise. 2008: Emma gives birth to a healthy boy, son Micah. 2010: The young woman is pregnant with her first twin couple Ava and Lily. One year later the girls Isla and Eden are born, in 2013 the twins Emma and Indie. One boy and six girls - two more girls will follow in June.

"Micah was 11 months old when we expected our first twins, Granted - I was shocked, neither my husband nor I - none of us have twins in his family, but we got used to it quickly, one year and four days later Isla and Eden on the world, "says Emma Let's Porse online. And then, when I was pregnant with Emma and Indie, we could hardly believe it: another twins couple. All seven babies, nine soon, are still a big surprise - but a wonderful one. "