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TV star Vera Int-Veen on the love of Linda

Vera Int-Veen has a special connection with her sister
Photo: RTL

"I feel immediately, when my sister is feeling sick"

By J. Kuhlmann

Sisters - a very special relationship. Either they are eternal rivals or a heart and a soul. Like Vera Int-Veen and Linda ...

These two can not separate anything! Vera Int-Veen (43) and her sister, who is five years older, share all the highs and lows of life together. "Whether in your divorce or in the sale of my company - we were always there for each other!" How nice if two understand each other so well. For what is more important in life than a family that holds together.

Vera and Linda live in Wannsee only a few meters apart and even call each other several times a day. "If I do not hear from her, I'll do it

Immediately worried if something was wrong, "says Vera DAS NEUE: Do not you sometimes need your space with so much closeness?" We never get on our nerves, "affirms the successful presenter, who rather" suffers "from the ambience of the fun-loving Team. "On business trips, nobody ever wanted to have a room next to us, because we started babbling in the morning and did not stop until late at night, " says the native Rhinelander, laughing.

With such a close bond, it is not surprising that one feels when the other is bad. "If I have the feeling, I'll contact her, and often

I'm right, "says Vera. As you can see: Blood is thicker than water! As a best friend, the" daughter-in-law wanted "presenter would never call her sister.

The holiday together is the highlight of the year

After all, we have a lifelong history together. " And what is a stronger bond than memories shared?

And among them is a common youth. "Obviously Linda got annoyed when she had to take her little sister to parties, but then we did

Even as the first lovesickness went through together. "As sisters, you go through the ups and downs together even at the birth of their nephews Paul (11) and Lucas (13) Vera was:" I see it as an enrichment of my life that I she has."

Now that Vera's new show "Rental Chasers on the Trail" launches, Linda keeps her fingers crossed for her sister, who owns a lingerie business and is there, the second

to open. After so much work, the two relax together on a family vacation together with their mother Helmy (74). "It's the absolute highlight every year, " enthuses Vera. Oh, how good if you have a sister!

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