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Trend color: In summer we see white

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White is hot! Plus: styling tips

Otherwise: Goes that way! But in the summer, white clothes turn into real it-pieces every year - even in tone-on-tone combinations. Here are parts in our favorite non-color.

To wear a white blouse? Klaro! This is really possible in every season. But just in the summer, when the first rays of the sun allow us to get the airy clothes out of the closet, the white parts come in large numbers to the fore. Since it is suddenly completely ok to wear white pants to the white shirt. The rest of the year we would think: Nurse! (Ok, it's a bit cliché, but the truth.) But in the hot season, white is just trumps.

But there are some styling rules to consider if you want to throw yourself in such an outfit ...

Styling tips for white outfits:

  • You have a very light complexion? Dear fingers away from white outfits. They only make you paler when in doubt. However, if you quickly turn brown, you can wear such a bright outfit.
  • You have strong legs and a voluptuous butt? Again, be careful when buying pants. Unfortunately, light trousers have the disadvantage that they apply visually and therefore make you look fuller. If you still do not want to do without, grab a white pants (for example, made of linen) without trouser pockets on the buttocks and with little stretch.
  • White is not white! The non-color also has different nuances. So if you want to combine two white parts together, you should first see if they are the same color. Otherwise, a white can suddenly appear dirty yellowish.
  • No matter if white blouse or white trousers: What matters is what comes under it. Always take laundry in Nude, otherwise it looks cheap quickly. Because nothing is worse than black lingerie that flash out. However: Upstairs you can also play with beautiful lingerie. If a pink bra straps a little under a slightly transparent blouse, this can also be a highlight.
  • White has one drawback: it gets dirty quickly and often has to be washed. Always pin-sharp make sure that the white favorite piece looks impeccable. If the fabric eventually turns gray or yellowish, please separate it.
  • White is a great combination partner for many colors in summer. If you like it tender, you can use white trousers with a pastel-colored top, for example. Also blue tones (also in combination with red) look great and conjure up a touch of Mediterranean feeling to the body. A simple white outfit gets the noble kick with golden accessories and sandals. Tip: the white outfit looks best when combined with a maximum of two other colors - so the look looks clear and accentuated.

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