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Sad: So unfair behaves a nurse to an old lady opposite

What Sara Hele observed in a McDonald's in Ontario is just sad. She shot a photo and posted it on Facebook, drawing attention to a phenomenon that continues to spread in our society.

Sad: This older woman wants to talk to her nurse, but she just stares at her cell phone
Photo: Sara Hele / Facebook

A young nurse sits opposite an elderly lady. She drinks a coffee and stares into space. Every time the old lady wants to address her nurse, she hardly responds. The reason: She is busy with her mobile phone.

Sara Hele watches the scene and is appalled. The lack of communication between the older lady and the desperate attempt to share a little bit makes Sara so angry that she posts the photo on Facebook. And the feedback is enormous. About 116, 000 times the photo was shared.

A behavior that apparently many people can not understand . More and more frequently, photos of this kind are appearing on the net. A teenage grandson who prefers to work with his cell phone rather than his grandmother or a young mother who pays more attention to the phone than to her child.

What is wrong? The mobile phone is getting more and more and we use it more and more. In the morning on the way to work or in the evening on the sofa: We always have the mobile phone at hand. Often practical, but also often sad, because it displaces other types of communication. That's why in the future we might want to think more about the situations in which it pays to just leave your cell phone in your pocket and look it in the face.