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To be or not to be a good friend ...?

Blogger Adriana about friendships

Some people know that during the day I exchange my superhero outfit as a blogger for an inconspicuous outfit and do a normal job. I take care of tour guides and picture atlases.

Photo: Guest blogger Adriana

So it happens that I also sit in a meeting and have to listen to facts about new image rights. Just like today - when my smartphone, which I have not set to silent, gives a clearly audible beep.

Actually, that's fine too, a message on Facebook or a text message, nothing special. Everyone at the table is so nice and ignore this faux pas. I smile apologetically and let the phone disappear into my pocket. There is nothing better to do there than to give the beep about eight more times until my boss kindly asks that I switch it off.

I decide to make it silently and then calm down. But in the bag it keeps on vibrating and I realize that it might be an emergency. Horror scenarios like a car accident my friend, a fall of my mother or the like. Do I have to donate a life-saving organ? Which blood type do I have? I apologize for a minute from the meeting and quickly grab my phone. My heart beats against my chest so fast that my hands start shaking as I click on the numerous messages. "Do I look fat in these pants?" In addition a picture, sent from my best friend, from a changing room at H & M or Zara. I can see a wild patterned jeans, in which my girlfriend's slim legs are stuck. I keep clicking. More shots of the pants, from every conceivable perspective. Can not you be serious? But it is.

I get more pictures, seemingly every second, the other jeans show in all possible and impossible colors and patterns. I almost want to laugh, because I find relief: No one needs my kidney. Whereby spontaneously another organ comes to mind, which obviously needs my girlfriend urgently. I write back hastily that I am in a meeting and subsequently report to her. A panicked-looking smiley is the answer. She needs my opinion now, because tonight she has a date with Kai, Steffen or Mario and as a photo editor I have such a good eye for such things. Slightly annoyed I do her a favor and look at the jeans, which are all very nice and in which my girlfriend will make a great figure - no wonder in terms of dimensions. I opt for the jeans with a bold black and white pattern and send her my reasons in short sentences. That would be enough.

A "small emergency" Back in the meeting everyone is relieved that it was just a "minor emergency" and everything is fine. But only until another message arrives. This time from a lace bra. Apparently, my girlfriend has a very clear idea of ​​where her date will end. The bra would be okay. Take a deep breath and do not go crazy.

When asked: whether string, thong or pantie? I want to throw my smartphone out the window and curse the state-of-the-art technology. Who said that we needed to be reachable everywhere and always? Determined, I turn it off and listen for the next few minutes to my boss, until there is a knock on the door and a colleague asks for me. "An urgent phone call." I have such a vague idea that is confirmed when I hear the excited voice of my girlfriend. "Your cell phone is dead." I just turned it off because I'm in a meeting. "What underwear fits for the occasion? "A chastity belt would be my recommendation. She chooses the thong and thanks her, because I'm such a great friend and the promise to always be there for you, would hold well. A happy best friend, an annoyed boss and a mobile phone, which will serve only limited from now on. But that will not protect me from further calls because, as I know her, she would also find a way to reach me on a desert island. After all, she still had racing pigeons, smoke signals and the bottle post. By the way, the guy did not get to see the thong after the guy told her in a frenzy that the pants would make her a fat butt. Maybe I did not have as much idea of ​​fashion as always ...

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