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Ewan McGregor adopted a girl

Offspring for Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis



Another girl for Ewan McGregor! After his two children, Clara and Esther and adoptive daughter Jamiyan, the actor and his wife Eve Mavrakis have now apparently taken another child into their home. At any rate, this can be concluded from an interview that Ewan recently gave to the New York Post. The actor said that he likes to have his family with them on shoot dates - and mentioned a baby that no one has ever mentioned before had heard. He told the newspaper, "My wife and four girls-15, two nine-year-olds and a four-month-old baby are traveling with me now when they're on vacation and they have time." A new baby for Ewan McGregorThe youngest member of the McGregor family is Eve and was born in March, with more details not yet known, but "Female First" reports how important it is for Ewan to spend as much time as possible with his children. According to the website, he recently said in an interview, "I understand that playing with small children - for example, telling a story over and over again - can be boring - but the secret is simply being there for them. If you have decided to play with your children, you should do that as well. Unplug your BlackBerry and lose yourself in her world. Even if you only take a little time for it, it will mean a lot to you and you. "Sounds like a great daddy. Daughter Eve can really rejoice that she hit it so well! CB

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