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Test Video: Man cooks iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola

This video shows what happens to an iPhone 6 when dipped in boiling Coca-Cola.
Photo: YouTube / TechRax

This happens with an iPhone 6 when cooking in Coca-Cola

What happens if you cook your iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola for several minutes? The YouTube user TechRax dares the test - and only out of curiosity.

YouTube user TechRax no longer kept his curiosity in check. He absolutely needed to know what happens when he lays his new iPhone in boiling Coca-Cola for 6 minutes . In a test video, he captures the result of his iPhone 6 experiment.

At the beginning of the video clip TechRax shows the audience that the featured iPhone 6 is not a dummy. Meanwhile, the Coca-Cola is simmering right next door in a frying pan. The soft drink has become a tough syrup mass at high temperatures.

Before TechRax puts his Apple smartphone into the boiling Coca-Cola, he switches on the video camera of the smartphone. Why? The YouTube tester himself does not know such an accurate answer. Because it should be clear that it can play after this strange iPhone 6 experiment certainly no more videos.

The curious tester is serious: He puts his iPhone 6 actually in the boiling hot coke . It will not take long and the unit's temperature warning will come on. It is the last sign of life of the smartphone, which is then swallowed by the bubbling Coca-Cola.

The result of the experiment should not really be surprising. When it is removed from the pan, the device can not be turned on, the display is destroyed. In just a few minutes, TechRax has melted a smartphone worth nearly € 700 into a useless item.

TechRax's conclusion : "The test result made my house smell of smoke for two hours, so I would not recommend trying it at home." Although not only many users of Apple products may be mistaken about how someone comes up with the idea of roasting his iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola, the video below enjoys quite a lot of popularity. In just a few weeks, the test clip has already been clicked over 6.4 million times.

For TechRax a good incentive to produce even more bizarre test videos. His latest idea: He tests what happens when an iPhone 6 Plus is shocked with a Taser.