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Lay carpet - so it works on your own!

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Tips for carpets

A cuddly carpet makes living room and bedroom wonderfully comfortable. How to optimally lay the soft flooring? Here are the tips.

Do you feel like getting out of bed in the morning and bury your bare feet in a cuddly rug ? Then it's time for the fluffy floor coverings . How to lay a carpet - without a craftsman - that's what we reveal now ...

You need: carpet, spatula, dispersion adhesive, tooth scraper, utility knife

Rug laying - how it's done:

Preparation: Level off unevenness and cracks in the floor with putty. Clean and allow to dry.

1. Cropping

Lay carpet in the room and leave to acclimatise overnight. Cut with a carpet knife so that 10 cm waste remains at the edges.

2. Gluing

Fold back one carpet half and apply dispersion adhesive to the floor with a notched trowel. Put down the carpet and press down well. Repeat the procedure with the other half.

3. Finish

Cut off protruding margins with the utility knife.

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