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Supermarket Flash mob: Employees surprise customers with opera performance

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Drakes Supermarkets

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The employees of the Australian Drakes Supermarkts behave as usual. Until suddenly opera music sets in and the flash mob takes its course.

After danced and sung wedding proposals or flash mobs in retirement homes, the thought might arise that the repertoire of flash mobs is exhausted. But far from it. You will also want to see this performance. Because what the employees of the Australian Drakes Supermarkts put together for their performance is impressive and very entertaining.

How would you react when suddenly the man who normally helps you with all your vegetable-related questions begins to sing a song? And then not even any song, but a real opera?

The visitors to the supermarket in Australia can hardly believe it at first. When opera music sets in, stunned faces can be seen in many places. That's not the typical supermarket music? Then the first employee starts to sing. A short time later, a second one agrees.

The more employees start to sing, the wider the smile on the faces of Drake's Fulham Foodland customers. It will be the smartphones are drawn to capture this particular flash mob.

There will be loud applause after the grandiose performance. The entertainers have clearly earned the. The supermarket visitors are in agreement. You just love this flash mob. We also.

Here's the supermarket flash mob in full length.