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Robert Pattinson plays the houseman for Kristen Stewart

Goodbye Hollywood?

Robsten are at home in London

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart / ©

We've known for a long time that Kristen Stewart does not really feel comfortable in Hollywood and as a true grunge does not want to fit into the usual template of the female star. Earlier, we reported, she would actually prefer to retire and lead a tranquil life with Robert Pattinson far away from the glamor and bustle. Now she gets her will, but very different than was foreseeable. The two are currently living together in London, more specifically in the apartment that Rob owns there. Kristen Stewart, however, is not lying there on the lazy skin, but is still racking herself for her new movie "Snow White and The Huntsman". Roberto Pattinson indulges in a break in London And what drives Robert Pattinson? Right, he takes a break to be close to his girlfriend. Currently, the two live together in the apartment, where the "Twilight" bay seems to play the housekeeper, is reported by Did Kristen Stewart imagine the relationship model that way? And whether the two will stay there forever?