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#emojidaydream: If emojis were real

Inspired by Able Parris: The Fake Docu "Emoji Among Us"
Photo: Screenshot / Dissolve

They are among us! At least, if you ask Instagramer Able Parris, who incorporates Emojis into the reality via image editing. And that looks pretty weird ...

An elephant stands next to an excavator and a comic fire department puts out a fire in the water. What sounds absurd makes Able Parris possible on Instagram . His winking photomontages, which he posts with the hashtag #emojidaydream, are currently the hit on the picture platform.

More than 2, 000 followers are waiting for the bizarre photos that Parris publishes daily on his account . The New York artist is happy about the success of his project and will certainly have enough to do in the future - after all, there will be new emojis in the near future .

His photos have even inspired the creation of his own little film that shows emojis in everyday life. The fake documentary "Emoji among us" is in the style of the famous animal filmmaker David Attenborough held and at least as funny as Able Parris Instagram account.