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Knitting instructionsKnitting summer tops yourself: That's how it works

Instructions for a self-knit top: You can easily knit this airy top yourself.

So you knit a summery top
Photo: Schachenmayr


  • Schachenmayr Tahiti, 50 g ball
  • From Milward knitting needles 3 mm
  • a needle (Maschenraffer) to shut down the stitches
  • a woolen needle

cm = centimeter
g = grams
Hinr = outward row
M = stitch
mm = millimeter
R = row
Randm = edge stitch
Return = back row

In the structured pattern: 28 M and 40 R = 10 x 10 cm
If the mesh size is different, use thicker or thinner needles.
For this model, knit the Tahiti quality slightly looser than indicated on the banderole.

Kraus right:
Knit back and forth in stocking sts.
Structural Patterns:
M number divisible by 10 + 6 + randm.
1st R: Between the edge knit all sts right.
2nd R: Randm, * 6 M right, 4 M left, repeat from *, repeat with 6 sts to the right, edge sts.
3rd row: Knit all sts on the right side between the edges.
4th row: edge st, * 1 st in the right, 4 sts left, 5 sts right, ab * repeat all the time, finish with 1 sts left, 4 sts left, 1 sts right, margin sts. The 1st-4th Repeat R always.
Nodules border:
Knit all edges on the right side in front and back.

Click here to download the manual.

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