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This is how she knits a cuddly hot water bottle cover

When it's really cold outside, there's nothing better than relaxing on the couch with a hot water bottle. Of course, the most beautiful are cuddly self-made covers, like this one.

Such a hot water bottle keeps us warm in the Herbsr
Photo: Gräfe & Unzer Verlag, Patrick Wittmann

That's what you need:

  • Mixed wool of the Lana Grossa quality "Alta Moda Alpaca" (90% alpaca, 5% wool, 5% polyamide, run length 140 m / 50 g): 50 g mottled in petrol, 50 g mottled in green gray
  • Circular Needle No. 5, 5
  • Needle no. 5, 5 | blunt darning needle
  • blunt darning needle

knitting patterns

Smooth right
Knit right sts (right sts) in stocking sts, knit left sts (left sts) in reverse sts, knit st in sts (round).
Half patent in rounds
1st round: * 1 st, 1 st * alternately.
ROUND 2: * 1 st with turn off, 1 M li *.
3rd round: * K 1 st with envelope, 1 st *.
Repeat the sequences between the ** constantly. 1st-3rd Knit once, then 2.-3. Repeat row (R) constantly.

Before the sideline knit the 3rd and penultimate sts together (1 sts, 1 sts, draw off the off sts). After the sideline, knit 1 st, 2 sts.
Mesh stitch for embroidery
Using the darning needle, prick below M from the back to the front, and then prick the needle over the right mesh member once and horizontally behind the left mesh member. Then, guide the needle to the back at the point where it is underneath the stitch.


17 M x 26 R smooth with needles No. 5, 5 = 10 x 10 cm


1. Cast on 32 sts in Petrol mottled for the front, knit stocking sts. Increase 1 st on both sides for each side increase four times in each 2nd row (= 40 sts). Disconnect the M, and work the back just like that.
2. To form a circular knit, put M from the front and back on the circular needle and close it to the round (= 80 sts), mark the side lines. After 34 Rd from stop in mottled green continue working. After 13.5 cm in green gray mottled for the upper rounding a total of five times in each round as described on the left decrease (= 60 sts). Distribute 8 sts evenly in the next round (= 52 sts). Continue to knit with double pointed needles. After 16 rounds half patent, cast off the M loosely.
3. On petrol-colored area, embroider dots in gray-green mottled stitch, embroider on greyish-green area dots in petrol mottled with stitches.
4. Sew together the lower edge and the side curves. Roll up the hot water bottle and insert it through the opening.

Click here to download the manual