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Food EntertainmentPatrick Heizmann: For me, "food is allowed

Patric Heizmann is the new nutritional coach in Germany. What makes him and what is behind his unusual concept?

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Patric Heizmann inspires and reaches more and more people with his nutrition concept: more than 400, 000 people have experienced him live today. Added to this are his successes in the book trade: more than 500, 000 books by him have been sold in the German book trade so far. More than 150, 000 fans follow his blog, Facebook profile and Youtube channel on the Internet. Patric is also a welcome guest on TV and the online coaching launched in early 2017 'Lighter Than You Think' is also a huge success.

What is his secret?

Patric Heizmann is not about prohibitions, but about learning to listen to his body again.

Patric himself started to take an interest in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle: "During school, I was rather shy, a bit slender, I'm not that tall at 1.78 meters and I was not a good student, so do not go Losing prestige was very important to me, so I started to run in. In sports I gave everything - karate, judo, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, track and field, handball, mountain biking - in my youth I did not mind Just not being kicked out of the group or being in last place in the physical education class in the team election, I was soon sure about the attention, especially among the girls, the bill went up, and the first girl swarmed over quickly.

From this I have made a formative experience for me: With the view to the future and consistent action even the seemingly impossible becomes possible. Just do not be fooled. Hold on to goals and not give up on resistance. The sport became my metaphor for it. When I started training in a small studio, I also became interested in proper nutrition. I've 'eaten' the knowledge of proper nutrition, so to speak, and it has remained so to this day. "

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