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Instead of Birkenstock shoe trend Summer 2017: Now we wear mules

This summer we moth our Birkenstock and wear mules. The new slippers are the trend 2017.

Mules are our favorite summer trend
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  1. Just slip in ...
  2. Run airily through the summer ...
  3. Chic, comfortable ...

Mule actually means mule. And this is how a shoe is made: The classic mule is back and replaces the Birkenstock trend, which has lasted ten years. This summer we are now wearing mules. And we are happy about that. Because the mule has numerous advantages that make the summer easier.

Just slip in ...

This is easy with the practical mules. In, get out and quickly get rid of the shoes under the table. Without the boss seeing it. The mule is perfect for that.

Run airily through the summer ...

Who likes closed shoes in the summer? Not us. And that's why we love mules. They are the perfect hybrid between chic ballerinas and casual slippers . Front hui, behind the foot looks out.

Chic, comfortable ...

Mules are available in all shapes and heights. With high heels or flat, toes free: And that's why mules are so wonderfully changeable. That's what makes our summer favorite 2017!

Here are our favorite mules:

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