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Woman receives kidney donation from dead father

Thanks to her father's kidney donation, diabetes patient Stacey Know now has a second chance.
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Her father saves her life

Stacey Knox has been suffering from diabetes since childhood. Two years ago, her kidneys failed. Thanks to a donor organ, she now gets a second chance. But their salvation is preceded by a tragic event.

When his daughter's kidneys failed two years ago, his father did not think about Anthony Jenkins long and asked her for one of his kidneys. "He always said that he would give his life for my life, " daughter Stacey Knox said in an interview. However, although the diabetes patient desperately needed the donation, her father could not help her in the end. The health of the 60-year-old did not allow this. After a heart attack, he was not considered a good candidate. Stacey Knox's name remained on the transplant list. Until now.

On the penultimate friday, Anthony Jenkins was the victim of a tragic accident. After visiting his brother in Bear (Delaware, USA), he stepped onto the street and was hit by a passing car.

Stacey Know was woken up by a loud knock on her door the same night. At one o'clock in the morning she was told that father had been involved in a car accident and that he was not feeling well. She immediately went to the hospital. Here she learned that her father was so badly injured that he would not survive the accident. Stacey could not guess what message she should receive shortly thereafter.

While still in the hospital, a member of the organization "Gift of Life" approached Stacey and told her that her father would be an organ donor . After a few tests it turned out that everything would fit perfectly.

Already on Monday after the tragic accident of her father Stacey was successfully operated on. Due to the kidney donation of her dead father, the 34-year-old now has a second chace. Her father made her an indescribable gift after his death - and not just her. Anthony Jenkins was able to help others with his two kidneys and his liver.

Stacey Knox hopes to meet the strangers once to tell them about their great father. She is sure that her father would be very happy to give her a "second chance to have a new life, " she says in an interview with 6abc Action News.

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