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Summer floral wreath for making your own

Photo: deco & style

Now you have something in bloom!

Whether as a present or for yourself, a summery floral wreath is made quickly and makes a lot.

And that's how easy it is to make a summery meadow flower wreath yourself:

You need this:

  • Floral foam wreath pad for fresh flowers (available in craft shops)
  • Flowers: eg chamomile, cornflowers, nigella in white and blue, sheep, meadow chervil, shiver grass, fountain grass, bluegrass
  • floral wire
  • Slate shield (decolouring)
  • Colored gift ribbon (deco shop)
  • secateurs
  • chalk
  • scissors

That's how it's done:

1. Cut the flowers short and tie them into small posy bunches. Fix this with wire to the wreath pad.

2. Continue until the wreath is completely covered with flowers.

3. Label the slate shield with a chalk pen and tie it to the garland. Cut a ribbon to hang and tie it to the wreath.