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To prevent a dangerous thrombosis

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  1. On long trips in the summer
  2. Tighten properly
  3. Drink a lot
  4. Do not smoke
  5. Sit loosely
  6. Do not sit rigid
  7. Get up as often as possible
  8. Consult the doctor

On long trips in the summer

Summer time is travel time. But whether by car, bus, train or plane - with increasing age, long sitting can be a problem. In doing so, the veins in the knee and groin are almost clamped off, which can significantly hinder the blood flow and promote a blood clot or a so-called thrombosis (thrombus).

Dr. Christoph Kalka from the German Vascular League explains how this risk of thrombosis can be reduced.

Tighten properly

Rather loose clothing and loose shoes that do not constrict. Also make sure that the cuffs of the stockings are not too tight.

Drink a lot

It is best to eat a quarter of a liter of fluid, such as water or tea, within two hours.

Do not smoke

Avoid the use of cigarettes while traveling. Because it narrows the blood vessels in addition.

Sit loosely

If you cross your legs, it slows down the blood flow in your legs. Better: put your legs up side by side.

Do not sit rigid

Even simple exercises stimulate the blood circulation: with the toes toss, raise the ball of the foot and heels and knees alternately.

Get up as often as possible

If you are traveling by car, you should take regular breaks, ideally every two hours. Then stretch your feet for a few minutes and stretch your upper body. In trains, buses & Co. you should at least take a few steps in the hallway.

Consult the doctor

Anyone who has had problems with thrombosis n or has family members should seek advice on additional measures before they travel.

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