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Are my colleagues bad for my figure?

Today there's pizza in the office again? Access or let it be - that's your decision!
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  1. Plus: The 3 top fatteners for the office
  2. "I tried a new recipe"
  3. "You can afford it"
  4. "Do you want a coffee-to-go too?"
  5. "Are you coming to the Italian?"
  6. "I make fruit day tomorrow and you ?!"
  7. The 3 top fatteners for the office

Plus: The 3 top fatteners for the office

Home-baked muffins, conference cookies, cute mitring ice cream. Not easy, not to increase in the office. Here are the worst Naschfallen. And how to avoid them without being spoilsport.

Work makes you fat! This is proven by many studies. Of course a lot of sitting is to blame. But there is also the pressure to be there, to count calories in the canteen, a birthday party with cake or the top topic of conversation . Eating between colleagues is not just about getting full ... That does not make the healthy diet in the office easy. We show how it works anyway:

"I tried a new recipe"

Here, a colleague really likes you, did a lot of work, not only sacrificed free time, but also tried something new. This is behaving, culturally speaking, quite smart. Whether as an appreciation or a proof of love, food was a very special gift in every country and every time. That's why it's not nice to just let her colleague down with her new strawberry truffle cream tartlets. Enjoy the beautiful gesture, say thank you and discreetly let the calorie bomb wander into the desk drawer. If you still have a snack later instead of having lunch, or dispose of it inconspicuously, your decision remains.

"You can afford it"

A popular invitation to eat. If you do not, because you disagree or you are not hungry, you have to expect exclusion or ridicule. But to live with that is still better than feeding kilos, right? Tip: Just bring something healthy to the office with you next week, which might help to bring the nosy colleagues to other ideas.

"Do you want a coffee-to-go too?"

A colleague wants to do you a favor. And a coffee, especially during the afternoon low, is also a good wake-up agent. If you want to look after your figure and strive for a healthy diet in the office, keep away from latte macchiato, especially from the syrup variants: A vanilla latte covers about one-fifth of the daily needs of a medium-sized woman with 360 calories! Much better are espresso or Americano (espresso with more water). They have practically no calories.

"Are you coming to the Italian?"

This question is a true proof of friendship . Lunchtime is a leisure time activity and you only surround yourself with people you really like. Do not worry, Dick does not have to make you a restaurant visit. If you order seafood pasta at the Italian, Greek salad at the Italian, sushi at the Asian and Falafel at the Turks, you eat healthy and really low in calories .

"I make fruit day tomorrow and you ?!"

So, like a "Mitess" -poverty, there is also a "Come on, we are dieting" force among colleagues. If you do not join in, even though size 36/38 does not fit, you can do that pretty well. In the truest sense of the word, because it is known: who does not voluntarily starve, often eats secretly. For fear of being caught, at the end of the day, you no longer know how many times you grabbed the wine gum bag. So you trick not only others, but also yourself.

The 3 top fatteners for the office


1 PC BIRTHDAY: 400 Kcal


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