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Selena Gomez naked after dressing up [Video]

Cola spilled: Selena Gomez had to wrap herself in a curtain

Selena Gomez / YouTube Video Screen Shot

Whenever we reported about mishaps, it was actually always about a star slipping the dress, the hem improperly lifted or a nipple peeping through the fabric. Following Taylor Swift's small Marilyn Monore mishap last week, when she revealed her underwear, the same happened to Selena Gomez during a concert. However, the sight of her chaste shorts underneath was far less spectacular than what she revealed to her fans at a meet & greet. For a signing session, she appeared in a store at the K-Mart department store, where her fashion collection "Dream Out Loud" on sale is. On the YouTube video you can see the singer but not in one of her cute creations, but naked, wrapped in a curtain. Quite frankly, she tells us that she poured a can of coke light all over her and therefore needed a change of clothes urgently. Helena Gomez simply strips in front of the cameras. Stars happen so badly that they make public stripping have to. Selena Gomez's appearance did the mischief but absolutely no demolition, it seemed only more sympathetic and humane. Fortunately, there were also plenty of matching clothes in the immediate vicinity, so she could dress herself right in front of the cameras and had to complete her fan-meeting not makeshift veiled! Here's the video: