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Sailor Moon Crystal: This is what Bunny looks like in the new season

That's what Sailor Moon looks like in the new season. Her brooch has got even more adornment and her necklace has a new pendant.

New episodes of "Sailor Moon" from mid-July

Sailor Moon is coming back! Mid-July launches a new season of the Japanese cartoon series.

"Make the moon fog - open!" Unforgettable, this call of Bunny Tsukino alias Sailor Moon , when she transforms into the brave and beautiful Moon Warrior!

Well, who remembers the clumsy girl Usagi? The one with the two long, blond pigtails that stumbles over everything, howling constantly and saving the whole world from evil demons? The rabbit loves and therefore is called by all only Bunny?

There's some awesome news: in mid-July, a new season of the Japanese animated series from 1992, which was very popular with young girls! Small change: Now the series is called " Sailor Moon Crystal "!

The final episode of Sailor Moon ended dramatically after five seasons and 200 episodes. Bunny destroyed the insane Sailor Galaxia with the Sword of Hope, saving Tokia and the world from total destruction. Now it's finally on: From the 5th of July there will be new episodes on websites like Crunchyroll.

The drawing style is a bit filigree than before, drawer Naoko Takeuchi and her team wanted to give the series probably a more mature look.

We look forward to seeing Bunny, Luna, the Sailor warriors and the fantastic Tuxedo Mask and hope that the episodes will be back in German in the foreseeable future!

Until then we show here the english trailer for the new season!

Here is the new trailer with English subtitles:

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