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Roland Kaiser: On the occasion of his 60th birthday, he chats out of the sewing box

Roland Kaiser: At 60, he lives his dreams.
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  1. His fate as a foundling
  2. lovesickness
  3. infidelity
  4. Flirts
  5. His wife Silvia
  6. luck
  7. Dream with 60

His fate as a foundling, infidelity and joy in old age

On May 10, pop star Roland Kaiser celebrated his 60th birthday . On this occasion Roland Kaiser betrayed much of himself on TV channel "GoldStar TV" and in the magazine "Super Illu" - from then until today.

Roland Kaiser talks about ...

His fate as a foundling

Roland Kaiser was born in 1952 as Ronald Keiler, was abandoned, then lived in a home and eventually came to a foster mother.

Roland Kaiser explains the reason: "Because my (physical, Note the Red.) Mother has given me. She got me when she was 17. In the then society it was not appropriate to raise an illegitimate child. She has left me in a basket in front of a home like in an American movie. "

He did not know his mother "knowingly. She died, as did my father. "


Roland Kaiser recalls: "As a small Hansel, in the middle of puberty, I was often in love with older girls, but I could not land with them. It broke my heart every time. "


"Men do not get it when they get cheated. As a rule, they are too stupid for that. I am also one of them. If I was cheated once, then I never noticed, "he states quite factually.


"I've never been a person aggressively approaching and ensnaring the women. I was rather shy. "

His wife Silvia

"For me she is just a fantastic lover, a great wife, a good friend and a great mother. That makes me a very satisfied man. "


"I stand on the sunny side of life, " says the three-time dad Roland Kaiser .

Dreaming at 60

"I just have an overwhelming joy in what I do and enjoy it every second. After all, I'm one of the few people who can say: I live all my dreams. "

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