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Risk of passive smoking: Children are at risk

Worldwide, 40 percent of all children grow up in households where people smoke.
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Passive smoking makes children fat

Smoking near a toddler is as dangerous as smoking during pregnancy - this is the result of a new study.

Anyone who smokes during pregnancy endangers the health of their child. At least as dangerous: smoking afterwards. Do not you believe? But you should. One study found that smoking near a toddler is just as dangerous as smoking in pregnancy.

In Germany, more than a quarter of the non-smoking population is regularly exposed to passive smoking. Particularly at risk: children. Studies by the University of Montreal show that small passive smokers have a larger waist circumference and a higher BMI than their peers. "This group of children has the same consequences as children whose mother smoked during pregnancy, " said Linda Pagani, lead author of the study.

"Especially in the first ten years, passive smoking can unbalance the children's hormonal balance and negatively affect the nervous system, " explains Pagani. "Passive smoking endangers children more than anyone else." If you want to quit smoking but can not make it, then do it for our children - for their own and for everyone else.