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Celebrities in the fur

Fashion flops of the stars

Von Tierlieb: When it comes to fashion, stars like Kate Moss or Eva Mendes forget their cute lapdogs and cover themselves with the latest furs. We show which celebrities are in this fashion.

Celebrities in the fur

Every year, the topic of fur splits the stars into two camps: On the one hand, there are those whose motto is "Dear naked than in fur." ​​They literally think Mink, Ermine, and Co. are overjoyed and throw themselves On the other hand, there are stars who are not impressed by the protests and defiantly fur coat.

See which stars are fur in the cold season (17 pictures).

Above all: the Olsen twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley are notorious for their sheer selection of hairy coats, and every year they put up with stress with PETA. But that does not seem to bother them either, considering their current favorite parts.

Kate Moss, Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue are also among those who would end up on our Worst Dressed list for their furry derailments. Even if they "only" wear a stole or a collar: Fur just stays fur!

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