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Touching video: Passersby help freezing little boy

Trembling, the little boy sits in the cold: But help is approaching.
Photo: YouTube / SOSbarnebyer Norge

Without hesitation: strangers help children in need

The winters in Norway can be very cold. No wonder the little boy in the video is shaking and freezing. But help is approaching.

Totally alone, little John, who we see in the video, sits at a bus stop in the middle of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Around him we see ice and snow. But Johannes wears only a thin sweater, which can hardly protect him from the icy temperatures. No wonder the little boy is shivering with cold.

But Johannes is lucky. It does not take long for passers-by to approach him and offer him their clothes to keep him warmer. They hand him their gloves, scarf and sweatshirt jacket. A young man even takes to buy even in the T-shirt to sit to Johannes no longer have to watch while freezing. What no one of the passers-by suspect at this time: They are filmed as they help John.

The video is a project of the SOS Children's Villages Norway (SOS Barnebyer Norge). With the help of a hidden camera, they filmed John and recorded how the passers-by came to help him. Behind this is the intention to draw attention to the many freezing refugee children from Syria, who unfortunately are not as lucky as Johannes in this staged case. The project should inspire to behave the same way as the passers-by in the video clip: If you see a freezing child, then you help.

You can do that not only in the concrete moment, but also afterwards. The charity also collects donations for the needy children from Syria. Further information on this great action can also be found on the German website of the SOS Children's Villages.

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