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Private photo: Rihanna in her most revealing beach look

In Hawaii, Rihanna shows almost everything, while rumors about Chris Brown Aff re seething

Rihanna / Lockerz

With whom is Rihanna currently traveling in Hawaii? Should she have hidden her powerful ex Chris Brown in the hotel room? The speculation that the two have come close again in the last few months is piling up. A new report by "Us Weekly" now cites a source claiming that the two still meet for intimate intermezos whenever their schedule permits. Rihanna presents her new bathing outfit on Twitter, her bosom and butt just barely So he probably didn't travel with her on vacation, and in the end it's just her assistant who shot the "We Found Love" singer in her scarcest bathing outfit. Rihanna has never been afraid to show a lot of skin in private and on amateurish shots. While she is currently getting professional on the new Ad Pictures of Armani, we see her on Twitter again very freely. Really a lot of fabric is in fact not on her swimsuit, the bosom and butt just barely concealed. Chris Brown has to be plagued with nasty longing at this sight!