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Princess Victoria: What she can learn from her friends

Here love has won four times. From left: Maxima with Willem, Mette with Haakon, Victoria with Daniel and Mary Donaldson with Frederik on the 70th birthday of Denmark's Queen Margrethe.
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Mette-Marit and Victoria get on very well

Three on the same wavelength: Sweden's heir to the throne Victoria (33) has long been friends with Maxima of Holland (39) and Mette-Marit of Norway (36). And since June 19, Victoria belongs to the club of wives.

The children should grow up normally But Princess Victoria has long had to fight for her love. Just like Maxima and Mette-Marit . The two have done it to her years ago: Be strong, fight for your luck, and do not be deterred. Today is the initially so controversial fitness trainer Daniel Westling (36) the official man on Victoria's side - as Prince Daniel ! And there is more that she can learn from her friends, because the other two already have her much ahead. Both are triple mothers. Both have chosen public schools for their children. The little ones should grow up as normal and happy as possible. Tears are publicly lovingly dried. Under no circumstances should the children suffer from courtly constraints. And what do Maxima and Mette-Marit need in education? A huge dose of love - and a good dose of serenity. They master the balancing act between motherhood and representation perfectly - while remaining completely natural. Yes, through the royal houses blowing a fresh breeze that Victoria can continue. She also wants a family. And she will certainly be a wonderful mum. Like her two friends.