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Princess Mary of Denmark and sister-in-law Marie - Zickenkrieg!

Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie look like sisters, but insiders report power struggles.
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Little royal ...

The rumors about the two Danish princesses Mary (40) and Marie (36) just will not stop. Between the beauties a raging Zickenkrieg is raging.

In the process, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark could devote herself to her duties and to her husband Prince Frederik (44) ...

After the birth of son Christian (October 15, 2005) and daughter Isabella (April 21, 2007), the twins Vincent and Josephine followed on January 8, 2011. The world was delighted. Princess Mary of Denmark is the perfect mother and state wife.

Too perfect, critics say. Perhaps a reason why Princess Mary thinks she has to keep up with the younger and, above all, more natural Marie.

And Princess Marie ? It has to strengthen its position in the public. Because her husband Prince Joachim (43) was considered a bon vivant for many years. An image that finally has to go.

The smart Princess Marie shines through her charm at public appearances. She looks much looser than her sister-in-law. She can relax with her son Prince Henrik (2) and the still "nameless" daughter, who was born in January 2012.

But who knows if her relaxed nature does not hide a little bitch. Because only recently came rumors about a kidding war with the younger Princess Victoria of Sweden (34). Sweden's future queen received far more attention than Princess Marie since the birth of her Princess Estelle. And she should not like that ...