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Princess Leonore cuddles with Estelle from Sweden

Photo: HKH Kronprinsessan Victoria,

A peck for the cousin

At last! Princess Leonore of Sweden met her great cousin Estelle . Mama Victoria herself snapped the little cuddle lesson.

Sweet to bite! Sweden has been feverishly waiting for this moment: the first meeting of the two little princesses took place. Silently and secretly, the proud mothers Victoria and Madeleine arranged the first meeting of Leonore and Estelle in New York.

Estelle was very enthusiastic about her little cousin. Lovingly kissed the two-year Leonora's forehead and played with her mini-feet. In the flower white dress in a partner look, the two looked just adorable. Mama Victoria also thought that and personally captured the best moments with her camera.

From a dispute between Victoria and Madeleine can be no question. It was Victoria's busy schedule, which prevented a meeting of the sisters so far. But now it is clear: she is happy for her little sister - and Estelle loves her cousin Leonore already now hot and heartfelt!

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